Scientific Review, Advising, Expert Testimony, and Research


Rob Roy Ramey II, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Cornell University
  M.F.S. Yale University
B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz

Laura MacAlister Brown, Ph.D

Ph.D. Cornell University
  M.F.S. Yale University
  B.A. Hampshire College

what we do

Scientific review, advising, and research surrounding the following regulatory issues:

  Threatened and endangered species listing/downlisting/delisting, recovery plans, biological opinions, peer reviews, expert testimony, habitat conservation plans, habitat exchanges, environmental impact statement reviews and comments, Freedom of Information Act requests, and Information Quality Act requests for corrections, and other conservation planning and permitting. 

Original biological research involving:

  Population dynamics, population genetics, phylogenetics, morphometrics, genomics, bioacoustics, animal behavior, community ecology, infectious disease, microbial diversity, human-wildlife interactions and conflict, and design of appropriate mitigation measures.

Species, subspecies, and distinct population segments that we have worked with:

Peregrine falcon, California condor, golden eagle, bald eagle, greater sage-grouse, Gunnison sage-grouse, western snowy plover, coastal California gnatcatcher, tropical rainforest birds, Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, desert bighorn sheep in the Peninsular Ranges, Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep, argali sheep, Prebles meadow jumping mouse, New Mexico jumping mouse, Pacific pocket mouse, African elephant, African lion, Mexican wolf, mountain lion, Canadian lynx, American bison, elk, delta smelt, American eel, tidewater gobi, orca, bowhead whale, boreal toad, desert snails, Mecca aster, and Graham’s beardtongue.